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Hi there

I'm Zoe Kern, a vibrant and passionate Certified Health Coach based in sunny Southern California that is here to support you wherever you are on your unique health journey. I am a health and wellness enthusiast, wife, dog mom, friend, and female entrepreneur. My background includes a decade of experience across Fortune 500 marketing and corporate partnerships. I have a lifetime of experience around healing relationships with self, mind and body. My work emphasizes self-love, balance, confidence, healing, and nourishing our bodies from the inside out.

Meet Zoe Kern

As someone who grew up with chronic health challenges and disordered eating habits, I was constantly frustrated leaving multiple doctor appointments with no answers or more prescriptions for things that I didn’t need. After years of this, I decided it was time to seek out like-minded individuals and professionals and made it my personal mission to heal my body using food first (where possible). 

Through realistic small changes, like less restrictions on myself and food, I was able to establish a new relationship with food and myself. I was able to balance out my hormones and restore my period after almost a year of not having one, get pregnant, and recover faster from a miscarriage. My lifestyle changes enabled my body to be constantly and naturally energized, have a healthy gut, and learn how to rest, reset and relax for the first time in my life. I am not perfect by any means but I am continuously learning, growing and steadily becoming the master of my own body. 

Ever since I started experiencing my own changes, I have been passionate about helping others thrive from the inside out too. I specialize in holistic health and wellness focusing specifically on women’s health, mindset, nutrition, preparing for and experiencing a healthy pregnancy. I love helping my clients break through barriers within their unique journeys to living a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle that is aligned with their values and goals.

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Credentials and Expertise

  •  Certified Health Coach

  • Certified Master Health Coach (Certification to be completed in January 2022) - Dr. Sears Wellness Institute 

  • Brand Nutrition Consultant: Helping food brands create better foods with better ingredients

  • As seen in The Good Pillar on the benefits of meditation

  • Over 10 years working in the corporate world and understands work/life balance needs and challenges 

  • Experience working with Fortune 500 companies

  • Worked in the NFL for 7 years and understands the intricacies of balancing life working in fast-paced industries


The Fun Stuff

​#1 One food I can’t live without

Hu Kitchen Dark chocolate bars

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