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Work with Zoe


What’s included?

  • 50-minute virtual or in person one-on-one session

  • Quick tips on what is ACTUALLY hiding in your nutrition label!

  • LEARN how to know if the food you are buying is ACTUALLY good for your mind & body! 

  • Get SIMPLE tools to make grocery shopping quick & easy!

  • Work together to achieve your unique dietary goals!

$75 virtual  //  $135 in-person


*plus a small cost for transportation varies by location/mileage


What’s included?


  • Learn about foods to eat to maximize fertility
    Optimal pregnancy nutrition

  • Exercises for pregnancy and your body

  • Live a balanced life during your pregnancy journey

  • Balance your hormones naturally

  • Natural remedies, and much more

  • For women who are trying to conceive or pregnant

  • 8-week group course

  • *Held only a few times a year, contact Zoe for details


What’s included?

  • One 75-minute session 

  • Optimal nutrition for pregnancy

  • What it really means to “eat for two”

  • Traffic light eating

  • Ingredients to avoid during pregnancy 

  • Q&A and follow up documents and references for you to keep and have handy on your pregnancy journey!

Cost: $99

1:1 Coaching

What’s included?

  • Work together to achieve your personal health goals 

  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly virtual or in-person sessions

  • Customized to work with your schedule

  • Completely individualized for your specific health goals and needs

Prices start at $167/month. Pricing varies based on individual needs.


​What's included?

  • Customized health topics based on your groups 

  • Minimum of one 60-minute session

  • Email me to inquire (link to pop up an email or contact form)

  • Virtual or in-person


What’s included?


  • Customized health topics - single or group weekly/monthly program based on your groups 

  • Minimum of one 60-minute session

  • Email me to inquire (link to pop up an email or contact form)

  • Virtual or in-person

Health Coaching Services


What’s included?

  • Customized for your company’s employee’s needs.

  • Email me to inquire (link to pop up an email or contact form)

  • Virtual or in-person

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Welp, looks like this might be the start of something magical!


Let’s connect and find out!

I help individuals develop, plan, and implement realistic behavior changes and sustainable habits for balancing self, work, family, and fun. Together, we will break down internal and external barriers to create and implement realistic, sustainable changes that enable you to thrive from within, and be your healthiest version of yourself to tackle any challenge in life.


You are on your way to a transformational journey towards a healthy and integrated life. 

Are you looking to...

  • Be your healthiest self without feeling overwhelmed with diets and restrictive eating?

  • Create a healthy relationship with food, exercise and a balanced lifestyle?

  • Feel excited about going to social events instead of stressed about what to eat?

  • Learn how to read nutrition labels?

  • Be your healthiest self before getting pregnant?

  • Be your healthiest self while pregnant?

  • Balance your hormones?

  • Prepare your body for optimal fertility?


Are you looking to...

  • Get help with fertility lifestyle changes and nutrition?

  • Pregnancy nutrition and lifestyle?

  • Lower your stress and bring joy to the process?

  • Feel heard and understood?

  • Help stay accountable?

  • Help to nourish and heal your body from the inside out before taking medication?

  • Talk to someone who has been through a lot, just like you?

  • Talk to someone who isn’t going to judge?

  • Feel supported, lifted and confident in yourself?

  • Put the hard work in and see lasting, sustainable results and lifelong changes?


"My pantry makeover session with Zoe was truly an eye-opener for me. Zoe is very thorough in her presentation and she makes it fun and easy to follow with simple everyday examples from my kitchen. I liked the Traffic Light and Ingredients List handouts so much that I printed/laminated them so I have them with me all the time. I learned a lot and really enjoyed learning what to “Look For” and what to “Avoid.” In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I have asked Zoe to do a group session for my team of seven employees. Highly recommended for everyone and I guarantee you will have fun learning and gaining from the session. Thank you, Zoe!"


- Lily

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